ghana, through text messages.

Tonight, I feel like sharing more text messages. I find that in some ways, they speak more to what Ghana is about and all that we’ve experienced here more than my own words in this blog can.

Communal pasta dinner 7:00 ISH 1 third floor tonight!

Hey if you could pick up a bag of sachets I might forgive you…

That was the best text I’ve woken up to in months. Also the best way bad news has ever been conveyed to me. You’re the best! Go and inspire others today.


Strengthen your faith everyday! Send FAITH to 444 and receive daily messages of HOPE, LOVE, & WISDOM. Sms cost only 10Gp Tigo express yourself!

Africa brings out a smile and spirit in you that I am not sure the United States could ever replicate. Bring home some of that magic, YH! ❤

Je t’aime biere

Yes! Dancing queen playing in ish internet café!

I am very wishing you were here today biffle. The sun is shining and its warm. My Beatles prof just mentioned Kerouac – rodatrip this year? Done and done.

I had fun with you today.

well its arts and crafts day at the autism center and theres paint involved…

you better not bail on fufu…

can I carry you over the threshold of our room?

Put me on a plane and fly me to anywhere.

I love those things and every other corner of us, too.

why is someone always practicing the recorder everywhere I go?

hello, where are you girls? Are you safe are you sound?

hört sich gut an! Also nächsten Dienstag!

stopped for some fried rice from our friend. the happiest, gave me so much extra salad cream. Asked me where my sister was I told him she should be by my side

well the little girl from the laundry room wandered into my room and wont talk but is just watching me study… this is sufficiently awkward and distracting..

fufu party at the night market, six thirty, you’re invited!

Ghana Ghana and more Ghana! Don’t make me leave. Oh, no water in ish. Ghana!!

we’ll just buy a bike and a horn and sell Fan products when we’re not being tro tro mates.

will do, ma’am. And you, my partner in knowing we’ll never be done, you curl up under that net of yours and dream of dust-covered sandals and the eyes of Africa smiling down on you in companionship.

well a half Iranian half Turkish man just told me “even though our country’s politics don’t get along I love you to have a good life” so that’s good.

at least you have a heart full of Africa and one new piercing to call your own.

YOU’RE DONE AYAYAYA! Next final exam = December

I dare you to eat a slug.

dinner red red lady night market to send off Tristan!


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